Trustee Services

AMAL Trustees combines the people, infrastructure, resources and proven compliance platform of AMAL Asset Management Ltd, with the knowledge and skills of highly experienced trustee professionals. Offering a full range of wholesale corporate trust services, AMAL Trustees provides clients with much needed flexibility, commerciality and service, while at all times maintaining the highest level of governance and compliance.

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  • Wholesale Trustee (including Custody).
  • Managed Investment Trust (MIT) Trustee.

Includes acting as trustee for credit, property, mortgage, private equity and fixed interest funds.

Agency Services

  • Escrow Agent.
  • Paying Agent.
  • Facility Agent and Security Trustee - Syndicated Debt Facilities.

Includes holding assets on trust, holding security on behalf of lenders, managing syndicated facilities, maintaining bank accounts and distributing funds.

Structured Finance

  • Trustee.
  • Security Trustee.
  • Trust Management.
  • Document Custodian.
  • Issuing and Paying Agent.

Includes securitisation programs for RMBS, CMBS, ABS, corporate finance and trade receivables.

Case Studies

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Structured Finance

  • RMBS
  • CMBS
  • ABS
  • Corporate finance
  • Trade receivables
Case Studies


  • Property
  • Business loans
  • Agribusiness
  • Mortgages
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Agency Services

  • Bi-lateral loans
  • Syndications
  • Complex loan facilities
  • Corporate Loans
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