November 16, 2022

AMAL Chooses Moody's Analytics

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SYDNEY, Australia – November 16, 2022 – AMAL Trustees, an integrated provider of Corporate Trust, Fund and Agency Services, today announced a collaboration with Moody’s Analytics, a global provider of analytic tools and risk assessment capabilities. The collaboration will enable customers to leverage Moody’s Analytics’ market-leading structured finance analytics and funding optimisation capabilities.

As financial institutions increase their loan originations, accumulated data volumes grow substantially, reaching a level beyond what spreadsheets or most legacy software can support reliably and efficiently. 

This is even more relevant for lenders who utilise asset-backed funding structures such as warehouse facilities or term securitisations. In most market environments, and certainly during times of rising rates and increased risk of arrears and defaults, lenders are focused on ways to reduce their overall cost of funding, minimise any facility breaches and maximise their borrowing capacity. To enable this in an efficient and repeatable manner, banks, non-bank lenders and other institutions can greatly benefit from automated capabilities that alleviate the challenges associated with manual and more iterative approaches, to optimising funding allocation across various asset-backed structures.

Moody’s Analytics ABS Suite Plus solution leads the industry in meeting these requirements, offering a powerful platform to manage large volumes of data, monitor asset performance and optimise the collateral pools associated with both warehouse and term funding. This enables institutions to achieve the most efficient cost of capital. 

“The collaboration with Moody’s Analytics deepens AMAL Trustees’ presence in the structured finance space,” said Nick Procter, Executive Director at AMAL Trustees. “Adding Moody’s Analytics’ software capabilities to our already formidable data and services offering enables us to provide better solutions that improve funding decisions, reduce operational risk and promote transparency in the markets. We are proud to introduce the many benefits of Moody’s Analytics’ offering to our customers.”

“Pairing AMAL Trustees’ integrated services with our ABS Suite Plus solution provides a meaningful benefit to organisations looking to streamline operations and optimise their funding strategy,” said Marc Levine, Managing Director at Moody’s Analytics. “We are very excited to work with AMAL Trustees to help customers improve their structured finance analytics and funding capabilities.”

About AMAL Trustees

Established in 1994, AMAL is the region’s only integrated provider of Loan Servicing, Corporate Trust, Fund and Agency Services and has over $A30 billion of funds under administration and supervision in Australia and New Zealand. Clients range from the smallest start-ups to some of the region’s and the world’s largest financial institutions. For more information about AMAL, visit our web site or visit us at LinkedIn.

About Moody’s Analytics

Moody’s Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools to help business leaders make better, faster decisions. Our deep risk expertise, expansive information resources and innovative application of technology help our clients confidently navigate an evolving marketplace. We are known for our industry-leading and award-winning solutions, made up of research, data, software and professional services, assembled to deliver a seamless customer experience. We create confidence in thousands of organisations worldwide, with our commitment to excellence, open mindset approach and focus on meeting customer needs. For more information about Moody’s Analytics, visit our website or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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